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Female Pattern Baldness Hairless - What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss In Females

The emotional wellbeing as well as self-image gets eroded so badly on loss of hair in women that it can be really devastating. Once a woman finds that she is suffering from hair loss, it has to be reported to the doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and hair loss treatment.

The physician in turn can educate women in not only minimizing but also reversing hair thinning in women.  Hair loss is caused in women are generally of three different types. Women from different kinds of ethnic groups experience hair loss of different types. Telogen Effuvium is a hair loss condition experienced by Caucasian women.


In Telogen Effuvium shedding of hair, increases over the whole scalp. Women suffering from Telogen Effuvium find that when hair is brushed, washed or combed, hair starts falling out easily. Factors related to this are age-related, hormonal, and nutritional and associated with thyroid imbalance. Besides this there could be other factors that can be certain underlying sicknesses and consumption of different kinds of medicines.

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Certain women lose their hair after the birth of a child as well. A good physician tries to identify the cause for the hair loss and accordingly cures hair loss of such a type. There is a second hair loss condition termed as pattern baldness in women. It is in the early twenties or in the later years ranging from forty to fifty that a pattern hair loss in women takes place.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair is lost on not at the back of the head but on the top of the head. At the time of styling the hair, the dramatic thinning of hair is identified very easily. Overall thickness or density of the hair gets reduced in pattern baldness besides which the hair also becomes thin and short.

In this kind of a hair loss called female pattern hair loss, there is growth of hair experienced by women above the top lip or moustache area or the beard area. CCCA or Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia is a hair loss condition of a common type experienced by African American women. In this hair loss condition it is from top of the head that hair is lost.

Diagnosis of a Dermatologist

Destruction of follicles of hair takes place and there is no possibility at all for any re-growth of hair.  To conduct a diagnosis the dermatologist needs to carry out a biopsy first in such women. The infection caused involves treatment. Hair growth is stimulated with a topical application termed as topical Minoxidil.  Some of the women also suffer from particular medical conditions. 

Androgen a type of male hormone is present in some of the women. Level of androgen is best determined by conducting a special kind of test on blood taken. Loss of hair or hair thinning could also be caused due to diabetes. To identify the underlying endocrinal or the hormonal problem, visiting a dermatologist is definitely a must.

Other Causes

Different kinds of drugs including, oral contraceptives, medication for thyroid, lowering cholesterol, treating blood pressure, arthritis, non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs, tricyclic anti-depressant drugs and many more could lead to hair loss. Sudden hair loss could also be caused due to  crash dieting, deficiency of nutrients in diet, hormonal imbalances, acute loss of blood, fever, stress, emotional disturbances, UV radiation, severe illness etc. as well.

Thinning of hair could also be hereditary where it starts in the twenties and could result in pattern baldness. Reverting hair loss in women is possible. If the hair loss condition is evaluated well by a highly experienced physician in hair restoration, then treatment can be administered accordingly.

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