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Hair Transplant Affiliate / Referral Program Madison & Huntsville, Alabama

As a professional stylist or hair salon owner in Madison, you are always looking for ways to provide the best hair care to your customers.

With your customers looking up to you as an authority on hair care, it is most likely they ask your opinion on the best treatment for thinning hair and the prevention of baldness.

To help you help your clients while helping yourself we have created a affiliate / referral program for hair stylist and salons.

Through Steve Latham affiliate program for salons you can refer clients to Steve Latham hair clinic for consultation and care in respect to available treatment and hair care options.

With Steve Latham affiliate program you and your hair care business can generate more income, increase profitability and have more happy customers by simply referring your clients to us for full consultation on preventing or restoring hair loss.

Register Today! Let us work together to help your clients in Madison and Huntsville suffering from baldness, hair thinning and other hair loss problem regain confidence.

How it Works

  • For each client you refer who sign up for our services, you will receive a financial reward.
  • Rewards will be send to you immediately after the first session with client.
  • We will follow-through with you on how to educate and converse with your clients on their specific hair loss problem.

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