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Stem Cell Hair Growth Platelet Rich Plasma

The American Hair Loss Association says that two-thirds of men will suffer from hair loss when they reach the age of 35. Women, on the other hand, account for 40%. Among the different conditions, hair loss is one of the most difficult conditions to treat. But recent study shows that hair-follicle-generating stem cells treatment is promising and that can yield effective results.

In a study conducted by the researchers of Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, it’s shown how adult cells are converted into epithelial stem cells. Stem cells are widely used for hair regrowth. But no one has produced these cells. The team was able to produce enough cells.

The said study led by Dr. Xiaowei, Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania made use of skin cells known as the dermal fibroblasts.

How Did They Produce Cells?

What they did was that human skin cells were converted to pluripotent stem.

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This was done by adding 3 genes. By utilizing different techniques, they were able to use the iPSCs to create huge quantities of EpSCs. These EpSCs were implanted into mice. After that, the cells regenerated skin and hair follicles. Researchers were able to show the technique is promising as there is huge potential for hair regrowth. In just a matter of 18 days, 25% of the iPSCS convereted into EpSCs.

Hair follicles that were produced from the experiment are almost the same with human hair follicles. They are structurally the same, according the team. Furthermore, Dr. Xu says that this is the first time that epithelial stem cells are used in huge amounts to generate hair follicles.

Relatively New Research

Although the said technique looks really promising, it is still relatively new. According to Dr. Xu, “When a person loses hair, they lose both types of cells. We have solved one major problem, the epithelial component of the hair follicle. We need to figure out a way to also make new dermal papillae cells, and no one has figured that part out yet." The study is still yet to make new developments and findings that can bring in more solid solutions. Like in 2013, there’s a study from Medical News Today showing how experts were able to grow human hairs using dermal papilla cells using donor hair follicles.

Scientists believe that with continuous research, they will eventually find a cure for baldness.

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